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Makati, Kiev region, Ukraine

65 y.o., seeking a woman for virtual communication

About me

A European residing in Asia; groomed, mannered, educated, tolerant, open-minded, more of a thoughtful and quiet personality. Believing in facts, not fiction, truth and honesty, not deception and lies, point-blank communication instead of whitewashing political correctness. Peace and harmony are the utmost desires, preferably surrounded by mother nature away from a metropolis concrete jungle. Today’s trend of gossip and TikTok showcasing is an annoyance, enforcing such a desire for tranquillity. The interest in all sorts of things and matters researching the treasure trove called the Internet helps to distract from the nitty gritty worldly chaos, emulating an inner sanctum. From books, films, photography, arts and music to the fascinating world of artisans. Well-travelled and having met a foreign hodgepodge of cultures and personalities, the exchange with like-minded people around the globe is nothing alien. Hence at an advanced age, though young at heart, seeking like-mindedness for communication and friendship.


Married, one child.

Gray eyes, gray hair.

Height: 180 cm (5' 10''), weight: 80 kg (176 lb).

Education: professional diploma, job: management.

Does not smoke, drinks occasionally.