[Member's photo: Alina, Dnipro, Ukraine]


Dnipro, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine.

30 y.o., seeking a man for serious relationship.

Was online: yesterday at 13:52.


About me

"My future starts when I wake up every morning. Every day I find something creative to do with my life". Not my phrase, but if I was asked to describe myself in one (ok, two) phrases, it would be them. I am a total optimist, and I see no reason to deny myself this:) I try not to regret my past actions, because I can't turn back time, but I can learn a lesson from my past. I'm very family-oriented. I have a very big family,and everybody here is friendly and united. I have very good examples of succesful marriages around me, and I want the same for myself. Also I should warn you that I'm very affectionate girl! I love hugging, cuddling and kissing:) Really do:) I think it is a very good hobby like jogging or collecting houseplants, but only with a right person. I have a rare desire to kiss someone, but if I find such man...in any case I warn you:)) I'm open to discuss my other hobbies, so feel free to write to me:)


Single, no children.

Brown eyes, brown hair.

Height: 166 cm (5' 5''), weight: 52 kg (114 lb).

Education: Specialist (ex-USSR) ?, job: trade.

Does not smoke, drinks occasionally.