Davies Ishola

Baku, Azerbaijan

41 y.o., seeking a woman for serious relationship


About me

We're not so different after all. Here I stand, surrounded by people who've met on-line, People who've loved and lost, and people who are found, and somehow, in a desperate world, found each other. So what do I say that hasn't already been written, or been already said? Hmmm, pretty tough! Okay... try this: I no longer need to hope for love by going to clubs, (y'know I can't dance!) supermarkets, church socials, by passing notes in class as a kid, or instant messages as an adult. I don't have to search for love, in ads, on the internet, in chat rooms, text messages, camera phones, faxes, and e-mails. I don't have to wait for good and bad feedback, have to need a good laugh, wait to talk, be told to shut up, look for hope, pray for a miracle, wait for an angel, see hope for God's love here on earth, wish for a special friend, crave for love's passion, envy other's romance or wonder if someone will ever love me. You're here


Single, no children.

Brown eyes, dark hair.

Height: 181 cm (5' 11''), weight: 79 kg (174 lb).

Education: university degree, job: education.

Does not smoke or drink.